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About Amelia

I am founding a social enterprise to eliminate the rape kit backlog across the country (check out to learn more about this issue). The problem goes beyond a lack of resources - it's a process and compliance failure that I'm intent on solving and scaling. In addition to building a solution that will help law enforcement manage its "inventory" more effectively, I also want to think about how to enable victims' of sexual assault to get the right support resources at the right time, and hopefully be empowered to press charges against their assailants (most do not, and the Dept. of Justice estimates only 3-18% of sexual assaults ever result in a conviction).

This issue became important to me after I was assaulted by two strangers. Fortunately, I had enormous support, but the experience and its aftermath were significantly more cumbersome and disruptive to my life than I ever expected. I'm highly empowered, educated and privileged, and can't even imagine how much more painful and destructive this experience might be for someone who doesn't speak English fluently, is living here illegally, is underage, was assaulted by a family member, etc.

In addition to personal insight into how victims' are treated, I have and MBA and [almost] an MPP (completing a few final credits), I've worked in the federal government (I know how the sausage gets made in bureaucracies) and I did a stint of research at a big tech firm. I'm not looking to create something and pass it off. I'm excited about solving and scaling well-scoped social problems with tech solutions and am in this for the long haul.

I'm looking for someone to join me at a technical co-founder. The most important thing I want is someone who *gets* why this problem is important and has a deep commitment to social justice and human rights. I work well with people who like to laugh (fun is a must), aren't deterred by barriers (even the tough ones), and who want to work alongside me to take over the world (making it safer and fairer for all).

Nice to have's:
-Someone who has helped found a company previously (I'm a first timer so would be great to have someone that can help me up the learning curve)
-Someone who has worked with, or sold to, the public sector (e.g. knows a bit about procurement processes, security regulations, HIPAA compliance, etc.)
-Some design experience
-Laughing at my bad jokes not required, but highly preferred

Product Management

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth


2015 - 2015

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

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2016 - 2016


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