Amin Rezapour

Los Angeles, California, US

Amin's Skills
Product Management

About Amin

Hi, my name is Amin. I am a PhD student at USC in electrical engineering. I have a diverse background in engineering, and have experience in programming using C++, Java and Python.
Currently, I am working with a friend on a startup idea in healthcare. I would like to work on another startup idea part-time for two reasons: a) I would like to expand my network and my experience, b) My current co-founder does not have enough expertise in the other idea that I have. I am open to new ideas and ready for any type of collaboration, but it worth mentioning that I have a lot of interest in education/higher education and new ways/tools of learning foreign languages. Please do not hesitate to contact me to know more about me and my ideas. If you live in LA area, I am always down for a coffee.