amine kriem

Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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Founded 2+ startups

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About amine

I am an app designer and business developer experienced in web based and mobile technologies.
I am motivated by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and my passion has always been to bring new and original ideas to life. On this note, I have been committed these past months to the development of a social networking app based on a new concept of personal branding. We now have a finalized and working beta version and have done our market research to assess the potential and target markets for this product.
I believe that a great team is an essential part of any success story, and I’m looking for someone who can add value to this project, and share my vision and enthusiasm in bringing a great product to market. The ideal person would be business minded and have some experience with start-ups and/or managing projects. If interested, I’ll be more than happy to start a discussion and present my product.
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