Amir Fouad

New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Amir

Dear business men & women
This is Amir Fouad the CEO & founder of VnuMngr,
I created this business solution after many years of experience in venue operation, event planning, entertainment, marketing & web development.

About VnuMngr
VNUMNGR is a Venue website with Hospitality SAAS, CRM, CMS, DMS & E-commerce platform that helps venue operators to increase Exposure, Sales & Manage daily tasks using any browser.
VNUMNGR Interface features venue website content management, Table Reservation, Event booking, Items sales, invoice system, marketing tools, Staff Recruiting & Scheduling, Reporting, Analytics, Security cam monitoring & POS integration.

This is a $700 billion market and there is huge potential for growth and profit.
The closest example to VnuMngr is Opentable that was recently acquired by Priceline for 2.6 billion.
VnuMngr have a lot more features than opentable and much easier to use.
The software is fully developed and we have paying clients using it & completely satisfied with the software, revenue and exposure they are getting.

Its like Salesforce but for venues, This is a disruptive business model that will change the hospitality industry from the current status quo to make it more convenient for venue owners and guests.

1.I am looking to build founders team with experience in Business development, Sales, HR, Finance, Legal, Office management.

2.I am also looking for suitable Angels or Venture capital to raise funding.

3.I have a good team of developers, I can help others with developing software.

Feel free to visit to understand all about the software and why its AWESOME.


Hotel Management

Bachelor's of Arts

2001 - 2004



2005 - 2007