Amril Nazir

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Co Founder
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Business Development
Product Management

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About Amril

I am CoFounder of ERP business providers. We provide affordable cloud-based ERP solutions for small businesses and SMEs.

We are a startup that provides cloud-based ERP to disrupt the current ERP market in Malaysia and South-East Asia. We offer customized ERP solutions tailored for Malaysian companies with local business customization at affordable rates targeting SME markets.

In Malaysia alone, the addressable market for affordable ERP solutions are huge. There are currently 645,136 SMEs in Malaysia, representing 97.3% of total businesses (Latest Census Report on SMEs 2011). However, less than 3% of the Malaysian SMEs currently use ERPs because ERP software providers such as SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft, Oracle, and other local solutions are simply unaffordable. Our startup aims to break this barrier and fills in the gap.

Myself and the other technical co-founder have many years experience of implementing ERP solutions and therefore our solution is top-notch with similar features to other ERP solutions out there. However, our ERP will be much more affordable and customizable. That is where our value preposition comes in.

We have been growing very fast with new leads coming in every week. To handle these demands, there is a strong need for a new co-founder to assist us on meeting these demands. We are looking for another co founder to assist on the non technical sides: sales, operations, business development and other crucial roles of the company. Therefore, you should be able to wear many hats and are very hands-on. You must believe and be passionate about our products, goals and values. What we want to see is the passion for what we are building, the energy and the guts to execute strategies and deliver results excellently. Please contact us if you are interested.




2009 - 2011