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Boulder, Colorado, US

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I am fairly sure that I will not be co-founding my business, however because of local promotion in Boulder, CO, of successful ventures like this, I'm giving thought to sharing equity in my business where technology is concerned. I am a 27-year marketing professional who has worked in the top ranks of corporate America in high-profile positions with top organizations and top leaders. I am naturally gifted in strategic, creative marketing and business, and have enough drive and fuel to do three weeks of work in the average person's week (just naturally gifted). I have taken almost four years to teach myself necessary skills in business development, internet technnology, online business, leadership, personal development, and financial development - and to carefully design a strategic, workable scenario to meet my goals and dreams (in a business, as a human contribution, and personally). In this time, I have drafted a very solid plan, and moved to the epicenter of "Energy Work" in the U.S., Boulder, Colorado, in 2012 -- to found a professional Energy Work practice. My marketing, sales, online marketing, and business/entrepreneur talent, will be paired with Energy Work, in order to broaden awareness and encourage use of Energy Work to consumers..while offering turnkey businessand marketing services to Energy Work practitioners (b-to-b). I have established this Energy Work practice in Boulder and the surrounding area, and plan to grow this brick-and-mortar business while launching two online businesses (consumer and b-to-b), as well as a scientific research foundation (online). Although I know I can frame this project on my own, it makes sense to really take a look and honor the talents of someone already in development (Wordpress setup to very secure specially built websites), who plans to do this lifelong, and who may share my interest in using innate talent to bring good things to the world. A specific mission exists; this would be provided.


Oakland University, MI

Communications, Journalism/PR Minor

1994 - 1994


Previously: FCC License