Anand C

Walnut Creek, California, US

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Product Management
Business Development
Public Relations
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About Anand

Hello! I have a very extensive background in mobile/web app development ranging from UI/UX design to programming to growth strategy.

I am looking for someone who shares a passion for an interesting idea or for fixing a particular problem. I only want to build apps/businesses that either sell something (physical or virtual) or have a subscription model from day 1. I would like to work together as partners doing a profit share and WITHOUT raising outside capital. Just want to stay away from "equity" deals and fundraising.

I have a lot of reusable componentized code that can help get extended MVPs and even full featured apps off the ground quickly and for cheap. However budget will still be needed for some development or design as well as infrastructure costs. Having some capital to contribute to the MVP is required for any serious project.

I am looking to work with someone who is well experienced and successful in sales/biz dev or online marketing. Someone who believes in research before product, looks for product market fit, conducts customer interviews, and most importantly validates marketing & sales funnels in advance through formalized experiments.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this. If you think we might be a good fit then please contact me via LinkedIn -

Below is a little bit more about me if you are interested:

I have a background in web application development. I did it for nearly 10 years at a large Fortune 100 company. After that I started a product development consultancy where I serve as a product manager and technical architect to help companies build out their web and mobile applications. I still code full stack (Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS/Javascript), but it is not something I do on a day to day basis. My role today is split between a lot of things such as market research, customer development, UI/UX prototyping, feature development, application architecture, data modeling, dev ops, online marketing, and user growth strategy. Just to name a few. I like to think of myself as a "jack of all trades". I am in the process of moving away from consulting and focuses on owning a portfolio of apps with various marketing/sales partners.