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We have been working on an innovative Education As A Service System where we use Digital Comics to teach Math, Science and Coding to Kids. The idea is based on the following three principle:
Superhero power points are assigned to member with completion of different sections of the course.
Superhero board will display the weekly, monthly and yearly leader in the board. The more frequently you work towards the completion of your course, the more points you earn taking you to the top of the board.
Compare your superhero power points with others, compete in the arena and become a leader of the superhero team!

Each course will have comic strips in it taking the member on a superhero adventure journey. The comic strip will stop at a suspense juncture and you can proceed further only if you watch a educational tutorial video and successfully pass the assignment quiz.
So, if you want to know what happens next in the comic book, you better pass the assignments!

The courses are not all videos and contents but also hands on interactive Labs which can be done from the course itself.
No need to download or install any software. Practice what you learn in our Hero Lab and Have Fun!

We also have a basic working prototype with us:

We are in need of a Business Developer to join us as CoFounder to take this vision further.