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Anat Baron

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Filmmaker, Disruptor, Problem Solver, Human Sponge and Creative Thinker

Maywood, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Sales, Fundraising, Marketing, Product Management
I've had a multi-faceted career. I've made what may be considered eclectic choices but have always followed my gut to the next adventure. And it's always been about trying something new that I knew little about, figuring it out, achieving success and then moving on once I did. The motivation has always been internal - to challenge myself and avoid complacency. I wasn't trying to find the path of most resistance but it usually ended up that way. Switching industries, starting companies with no insider knowledge or contacts was always a puzzle. At the beginning. And I always left once it was completed. My new company brings together everything I've learned on my journey - experiences, skills, contacts and the desire to solve this new problem.

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