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Product Management

About Andi

In search for a Korean co-founder who has a drive to tackle Korean beauty market vendors and to care about organisation challenges in South Korea. Must either be in SK or in Germany.

If you are a female South Korean and love cosmetics and beauty products and Germany, please get in contact with me.

I foster a lifelong passion for everything digital design since I am 15yo. I found a two-man agency in highschool and a journey sharing community which got sold before college. Due to lack of appropriate university programms regarding digital design back then, I chose to earn an economics degree in Frankfurt. Whilst studying I further indulged in front-end work including code and somehow stumbled upon SEO ending up in building a niche network of over 500 domains. Further along the road I got the hype of SMM in 2010 founding few SMM events in Germany. Whilst that I drew back my SEO activity and refocused on CRO seeing the correlation with design and UX. After my studies I joined KPMG for few months eventually founding a startup (questalk) that got acquihire pre-launch. Subsequently I joined few startups and eventually ended up doing UX engineering for Google Germany. Today I am a growth VP and advising few startups amongst are in the 500distro family,focusing on my T-shape of UX,CRO and SMA.

tl:dr I know how to design, build (front-end) and grow digital products, but I can barely speak Korean and we target the German beauty market, so I am no female either.