André Barreto

Brasilia, Brazil

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About André

I'm a time travel ninja. Occasionally I work as a graphic designer when no body is watching. I made a master degree in Cognitive Ergonomics and specialized in HCI and Usability for life. Now I'm trying to grasp the universe just like Galactus.

Seriously, I'm a UX/UI designer, specialized in accessibility, usability and mobile responsiveness. I'm very good in concatenate solutions and systems beyond being a graphic designer. I'm passionate about create new digital interfaces, new kinds of interactions, and I'm a hard work person.

I already made a prototype of a social network for RPG pen and paper users and I'm looking for a team to join forces with me in the search of the holy grail!
I want to create a fast, bold and beautifully clean UI, with all the basic concepts of the table of your house. A space to create and share ideas, join games, write stories, create characters, maps and items, open to anyone to take and use it.

I would like to know someone as excited as I am with this project, to get to know the person, see if we can click with the goals and develop a trustful partnership. I have a scratch of business plan, but I want to have more insights from different views and see what we can do to improve the product as a team.


University of Brasília

Bachelor of Science: Graphic and Product Design

2003 - 2003


Masters Degree in Human Engineering