Andre Persidsky

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Andre

Everybody wants a technical co-founder, and it's become a bit of a running joke in the formation of early startups. There's even some disdain in the air towards the non-technical, as if they are lazy and just looking to dump all the "real" work on someone to realize their dreams.

The fact is, both the product side and marketing/sales side are vitally important. As an entrepreneur, you really need a well crafted product and a well crafted sales campaign to succeed. No great mystery there.

But as a biased entrepreneur, I would put one quality far above all others for hugely elevating chances of success. This is the #1 quality I would look for and value in a partner or co-founder. This is a quality not so easy to put on a resume. It is certainly not technical in essence. I think it is hugely underestimated, and even scoffed at by those deep in the trenches.

The quality is someone who can make things happen. Truly make things happen. The world is a cacophonous place, and this is the ability to bend it in your direction. Steve Jobs was such a person. This is not just being a good leader. It is a fundamental energy, drive, power. You feel it when you are lucky to work with someone like that. They are relentless, they push, they gracefully do the unpleasant things most shirk at doing in early startups (like cold calling). They are dynamic balls of catalytic fire. They may not be able to write a single line of code, but they are epic beasts. It transcends any skill.

A full stack 10X engineer is a rare animal. But the ability to move mountains is even more rare. Of course we should aspire to be that partner we wish to find in the world.


Very much enjoy collaborating with passionate developers who care about building something great.

Have launched startups including health wearables and game development studio Named as inventor on more than 10 U.S. patents and pending patents, including a new angioplasty technology to replace balloon catheters in treating heart disease, and developing and licensing the technology in patent 6,130,666, a pen computer system which was incorporated in the Cpen product line and distributed around the world. Am an author of a series of computer books on multimedia published by Pearson Education. Have worked as a programmer, producer, inventor, game designer, writer, creative director, and various management roles on the business development side.