Andrea Covino

London, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur, Developer

About Andrea

My first programming experiences date back to 1989 with Commodore 64 BASIC.
Since 1995, I regularly develop software for my studies and works. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is the first method that I used to create web application, on Apache Web Server with C/C++ and PERL with Linux or Unix as Operating System.

I worked mostly with Microsoft .NET technologies. I have experience with WPF, WCF, LINQ, MS SQL Server, JAVA Enterprise Edition, EJB, Jakarta Struts, Apache/Jakarta Tomcat Server, JBoss Server Application, JBoss Seam, Spring Framework, PostgreSQL, MySQL Server and Oracle DBMS. I have a good experience with SOAP, REST/Ful Web Services and AWS (Amazon Web Services) SDK for .NET, Design Patterns, BPM and BPMS (BonitaSoft BPMS, Bizagi BPMS). I use daily MS Visual Studio 2012/13, Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers and sporadically Oracle JDeveloper and NetBeans. As design and management platform I prefer Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect (UML Modeling and Lifecycle Tool Suite). I developed custom module for OpenERP/Odoo in Python and Python web solution with Django.
Specialties: Python, PHP, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft C#, Microsoft LINQ, Microsoft Parallel LINQ, Microsoft Task Parallel Library (TPL) Microsoft Entity Framework, Hints of Microsoft LightSwitch 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/ 2012, Microsoft IIS 7, DotNetNuke 7, TortoiseSVN, Kofax Capture 10.0, Document Management, Business Process Management(BPM), hints of C/C++ , JAVA, JAVA EE, Servlet, Java Beans, JavaScript, JQuery, Dojo, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, PHP, Zend Studio, MySQL Server, Linux, RedHat Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache Web Server, JBoss Application Server, BonitaSoft Workflow and BPM Software, SOAP Web Services, REST/Ful, JSON, Design Patterns.
Electronics & MicroController: I design and build UAV/UAS/Drone, FPV Systems for hobby using APM 2.6, Pixhawk, PX4 Autopilot System. I use DJI Drone, FPV and autpilot systems too. I also use and program Arduino and OpenPicus micro-controllers.

Work Experience

CEO - Developer

Lynx Systems

January 2006 - December 2013

Application Development and Maintenance; Software Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Aptana Studio 3, Zend Studio 10; Modelling and Designing software with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect visual modeling platform. Programming Language: C#, JAVA, Python, PHP; RDBMS: MS SQServer 2012, PostgreSQL, MySQL. Web development with PHP and Yii MVVC framework, with AJAX and RESTFul and SOAP/XML Web Services; In this period I developed Websites, e-commerce platforms, OpenERP custom modules and custom connectors to external e-commerce platform.

CEO - Software Architect


August 2014 - Today

Web Application development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013/2015, C# and ASP.NET MVC 5, using AJAX and RESTFul Web Services; Modular Application in C# with WPF, PRISM 6, MEF, Xamarin and WCF Services for a Windows/Android restaurant management software. Windows Application development with Visual Studio 2013/2015 with C#, one of this project integrate Opern ERP functionality through XML-RPC Web Services; Open ERP / Odoo module development with Python on Linux Remote Virtual Machine; PHP software development with Yii 2 Framework, to implement a base web systems for Mobile Applications; Design and development of a WeatherLink Module to integrate weather data collected from the Proyecto Azuero Weather Station with the others organization applications, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Visual C++; PHP Moodle modules development to integrate File Maker Application Databases with Moodle using AJAX through RESTFul / JSON Web Services; PHP web modules development for third-party customers applications; Android and iOS Application development with Visual Studio 2015 and XAMARIN plugin, remote connection to web systems through RESTFul / JSON Web Services, GPS Detection Position, 1D/2D Bar Code Reader. Development and design of Databases with Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL; Web software development with REACT Facebook JavaScript library, React uses an XML-like syntax called JSX; Use of software like Grunt, Composer, NPM, Node.js, subversion, git and gforge to develop, versioning and maintain applications; Modeling and Designing software with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect visual modeling platform.


Computer Engineering

2000 - 2004

Electronic Engineering

1996 - 2000