Andrea Gallego

New York, New York, US

Andrea's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Andrea

"The world has evolved because we work hard, but we are getting sick because we SIT while we work hard. We SIT all day then we SIT at night, then we SIT some more. I believe we can challenge the status quo. We offer holistic training services that help people live a lifestyle where movement is not limited to a 45 minute gym session. We can guide them on on the the path to longevity by enabling you to move more no matter where you are throughout your day."

I am looking for co founders who can help me bring this to life as the new wellness program of the century to over turn programs that just give you a discount for getting your physical. Think of instagram competitions where colleagues snap photos of eachother standing for points towards their "healthy rewards bank" etc..

I am open to either joining someone in the health tech space with the same passions or to have a co founder help me with Rise & Think. My unique blend of tech/biz/fitness skills and fun, compassionate personality will make for a fun and productive collaboration! I also know how to network and get the right people needed to get the job done :)