Andrés Alberto Buitrago Alzate

Rionegro, Colombia

Serial Founder & Entrepreneur.
Andrés Alberto's Skills
Mind Mapping
Systems Thinking
Research Analysis
Compensation Negotiations
Business Model Transformation
Business Model Development
Product Classification
Alternate Channels
Digital Channels
Channel Design
Customer Value Proposition
Value Propositions
Value Chain Analysis
Idea Incubation
Idea Generator
Ideas Development
Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
Multidisciplinary Project Management
Project Management
Client Requirements
Business Requirements
User Requirements
User Stories
Process Design
Process Creation
Cultural Analysis
Strategic Intelligence
Strategic Alliances
Technology Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence
Benchmark Analysis
Research Management
Team Building
Keyword Generation
Keyword Research
Company Naming
Big Picture Thinking
Futures Thinking
Free Thinking
New Business Opportunities
New Business Development
New Business Generation
Critical Thinking
Entrepreneurial Experience
Strategy Creation
Business Insights
Insight Generation
Customer Insight
Research Coordination
Business Opportunity Evaluation
Market Opportunities
Opportunity Analysis
Opportunity Identification
Business Opportunities
Opportunity Creation
Opportunity Generation
Leadership Initiatives
Business Planning
Business Networking
Equity Management
Equity Offerings
Equity Compensation
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Andrés Alberto

Serial founder with experience in various entrepreneurship's forms such as:

• 2002 - 2006/ Informal Entrepreneurship.
• 2006 - 2007/ Commercial Entrepreneurship.
• 2008 - 2013/ Small-Business Management.
• 2011 + /Cultural Entrepreneurship.
• 2012 + /Digital Entrepreneurship.
• 2013 - 2014/ Corporate Entrepreneurship.
• 2014 + /Digital Products' Prototypes.
• 2015 - 2017/ R&D methodologies' deepening.

Tech and research passionate, with experience in interdisciplinary teams' management: marketing, design, technology and management. I also has performed different roles in more than 150 projects:

+ 50 product prototypes.
+ 50 marketing projects.
+ 30 managing projects.
+ 20 research projects.
+ 10 negotiations.

I'm searching for potential team members and partners for prototyping.


If DNA is software, who is the programmer? - Anonymous

Work Experience

Founder & CEO

Wk Club

January 2006 - Today

Wk Club is a marketplace that integrates the differentiated products of multiple companies with commercial entrepreneurs. Our prototype is going to be the result of some years researching the commercial entrepreneurship.

Founder & Entrepreneur.

Another Stupid Brand

January 2010 - Today

Another Stupid Brand was founded in 2010, which was inspired by the influence of international snob brands on the Colombian culture. We're Managing potential partners and team members in order to scale new products, if you want to contribute, join us!!

Founder & Activist.

Regular Tres Cuartos

January 2010 - Today

Regular 3/4 is a popular phrase used in Colombia to express inconformity; I usurped the phrase to try to found a movement that commercializes products with the works of the artists that have been linked. This movement metaphorize the role that the educational system could assume as a fourth democratic power. The educational system is governed by the scientific method and could balance the democratic structure of government systems. Three branches of power over four, 3/4. We are looking for potential partners and team members to prototype the minimum functionalities of a platform. If you want to join, talk me!!

Founder & Experimenter.


January 2010 - October 2014

Fishbone is an apparel brand, designed for people who love fresh modern graphics and the ocean. I achieve a successful exit strategy with the brand.

Co-founder & Researcher.

Startup Weekend

August 2014 - November 2014

Startup Weekend is an event in which a Startup should be prototyped during a weekend. In 2014, I participated in 5 events as a co-founder and researcher to iterate validation and prototyping methodologies in early stage initiatives. // • Startup Weekend Medellín-Ruta-N (Mobile and Web Applications) 08/22/2014: During this event Wolf Academy borned, Nicolás Gaviria and Felipe Garzón took the initiative to solve the problem of communication between the challenges of organizations involving students who were interested in real projects. During this event I developed the first hypothesis of the business model under the canvas methodology. // • Startup Weekend Bogotá -Uniandes (Science) 09/15/2014: During this event Bump Data System borned, Edgar Torres launched the idea of ​​developing a 3D mesh sensor to map the damage of roads in an information system. During this event I made the final pitch and raised the root problem, which led me to investigate the methodologies to diagnose the state of road mesh damages in Colombia and the techniques used to estimate repair costs. In conjunction with the team, we plan a B2G business model (Business 2 Government), as well as the exit strategy. This initiative won third place. // • Startup Weekend Americas Manizales (Internet of things) 09/23/2014: During this event the challenges in Colombia's security systems were investigated and validated. // • Startup Weekend Medellín-Parque-E 11/5/2014: During this event the prototype of Contact borned, Samuel Romero presented the pitch on a mobile application to eliminate printed cards. During this event, I started the competitive surveillance and the benchmark of the user experiences of the networking platforms in events. The rest of the team designed the corporate image, the models, the user interfaces and the final pitch. Contact was planed as a mobile application to improve the networking of attendees at events. This prototype won the second place in the event. // • Startup Weekend Bogotá (Travel, tourism and gastronomy) 11/20/2014: During this event the challenges in the management of the hotel industry's fares were validated and investigated.


Javeriana University

Economics - Unfinished Degree

2004 - 2008

ICESI University

Marketing - Diplomatures

2011 - 2011

Javeriana University

Business Management - Unfinished Degree

2013 - 2014

EAFIT University

Freemover Student

2014 - 2016

Co-working Space


2013 - 2014


2015 - 2015

Miami Entrepreneurship Center

2016 - 2016