Andrew Angel

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, US

Andrew's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Andrew

I am a 13+ Years in IT, Director Level Manager Managing IT organizations both internally and externally. Strong Vendor manager, an have a good tracker at delivering better than expected results. I'm very open minded and have a passion for creating. Have a great business sense that I've developed from my father who has taught me very well and is a success himself. Connecting 3 things I love, Business, Technology and Design i've come along way with a few start ups. My starts up involvement in the past 2 years i've funded over 22 Million dollars.

I'm not going to bore you with my executive summary you can definitely check out my linked in page for this. What I am going to share is that I've been working on start ups for about 6 years being a business and developer consultant. I have worked on mass projects with over 120 resources meeting tight time lines and pull some late nighters to meet some deadlines. I work extremely hard to exploit all my opportunities as I hope all my co-founders feel the same way.

My ideal co-founder has to have a similar passion, and really be versed in a few avenues. I ideally look for a developer/ programmer as a co-founder but also enjoy people who have some business experience, marketing and other avenues. Its not a requirement for me, but always great to have. Beyond this I really believe the culture of start up is Fun! I mean really..... hanging out, working on white boards, having some beers, engineering some prototypes, no suits just brain power, and a great eye for solving problems.

I'm pretty strong at raising capital and don't mind being the lead singer of the band if required to pitch. I believe a good team anyone on our team should be able to pitch. I am pretty well versed in it, and love sharing as well. I've had 2 great start ups that are in production, that incubated with me being the spearhead and I'm happy to say i'm still an active board member on both and working away on a few new ventures along side some VC's and Angel investors I partner with.




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