Andrew Bank

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Andrew's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Andrew

I've been an entrepreneur my whole life, but mostly by accident. I started a successful business right out of UM engineering school at the edge of the dot-com era and sold it nine years later to a Fortune 500 company. I've been building ever since with great success in corporate, consulting, and start-up environments. I have an incredible intuition for seeing the future and knowing what people need and want.

But I've never really fulfilled my passion for making a remarkable product and making a difference to society. I think I have that opportunity now with a "gamified social giving" platform that I've been working on for six months.

I'm looking for a passionate, quality-obsessed designer, engineer, and possibly a digital viral marketing guru (yes, three different people).

If you are looking for a unique start-up opportunity that is going to make an impact on society, let's talk.

If you're interested in building yet another chat application, social media tool, discount app, or enterprise communications tool, good luck to ya!