Andrew Carpenter

Johnson City, Tennessee, US

I write code, have ideas, make ideas into code
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About Andrew

I write code for fun and profit. I've failed a startup before, learning allot along the way. When I started Musocrat I didn't know how to write code and thought I was CEO material. Turns out I'm not CEO material and I'm pretty damn good at writing code.

By day I'm Chief Software Architect for Xelex Digital, LLC / WebChartMD. We're a ten person team innovating in the medical transcription industry.

By night I'm working on what started as a passion project and has huge implications for the indebted world round. That product has been progressing at rapid pace and has strong revenue potential. With the right partner I'm confident we can take this to market and start seeing revenue without need of outside investment or bloat.


Make things, make them better - Me, I guess

Work Experience

Chief Software Architect

Xelex Digital, LLC

December 2011 - Today

WebChartMD provides software driven workflow solutions for medical documentation. I oversee all development projects and write a heck of allot of code. Anectedotally: I started here as tech support, in the interview they asked me the ole "where do you see yourself in 5yrs". I said I'd like to be guiding development decisions.


King Univeristy

Bachelors of Information Technology

2012 - 2012