Andrew G.

Santa Monica, California, US

Andrew G.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Andrew G.

Everything I've done in my career has been around developing products (physical and digital) aimed to benefit consumers. I have a background working for a few Internet companies and currently work for one of the world's top CPG companies.

I am currently working on a new startup project that is looking to set up a market place for a specific vertical bringing sellers and buyers together. The size of this market is a few billion dollars in the US. It has extremely passionate consumers who spend a significant amount of money on a consistent basis. There is no direct competition in the market today. Lastly, I am not only excited about creating this consumer solution, I am also excited to use it myself.

I am looking for EITHER a technical co-founder or a technical work for hire. In a co-founder, I am looking for someone that can bring on board technical expertise, the ability to quickly develop a prototype, and who would be able to guide all aspects of technical develop, and who matches my enthusiasm for the space and for the problem at hand. better. In a work for hire role, I am looking for someone that can put together an initial protype of an iOS app, website, and backend setup.


Pomona College


2004 - 2004

UCLA Anderson School of Management

MBA - Entrepreneurship/Marketing

2008 - 2008