Andrew Ostashen

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Andrew's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Andrew

I am looking at creating a business that will act as a information security partner to those companies who are either established or in the startup phase. Creating companies that are not only efficient by utilizing technology but also secure in the same manner. I currently have a company with my brother where we offer CTO services to organizations like hosted exchange, voice, and web hosting services. This business that we are currently creating is offering CSO services to organizations to ensure their data is being kept in a secure manner.

I have been in the technology space for over 10 years now with a major focus in security. Physical security, social engineering, infrastructure security as well as chief security officer responsibilities.

I am looking for someone with financial background, Marketing background, and/or legal background. This is to ensure the holding company is following the proper policies and procedures down through the individual companies.