Andrew Randazzo

Knoxville, Tennessee, US

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About Andrew

I'm a Paramedic by trade, but I got into healthcare education in 2013. I was thrown into it, but I realized there was an undiscovered passion I had for teaching and the exponential impact I can have on people. I also recognized a huge disparity in the quality of education, and I wanted to change that culture by instilling a love for learning and helping professionals be more professional.

We've had massive sucess with our company, but one of the biggest hurdles is the software that our industry uses to schedule classes, assign instructors, manage students, etc. There are almost exclusively 3 softwares that meet our industry's needs and they are all mediocre.

My next step is to create a software that not only supports the growing need of my company, but also can be its own separate company and be sold as a SaaS to others in our industry.

I've validated the need with some of the largest industry leaders. There is so potential for a single source software that combines features that currently people are having to bootstrap with 3-4 softwares; and a software that has tiered features and is affordable for any size business (currently the major softwares target medium-large businesses).

I am looking for an equity partner who is a software engineer and can help me build. I have the industry expertise, the network, marketing capabilities, customer service component, etc. I just need a technical co-founder.

There are roughly 500,000 individual instructors and 10,000-20,000 training centers who would benefit from this, and the software industry as a whole probably has no more than 10% market share total. That's because they are not doing any sales, they're a one-man-band, and they only have one skill....technical. This market is wide open!


Northland International University

BA Theology

2009 - 2009

Roane State Community College

AAS Applied Health Science

2011 - 2011