Andrew Rankin

Durham, North Carolina, US

Andrew's Skills
Product Management

About Andrew

I'm looking for two software developers to join myself and a few others in a very early stage start up related to the monitoring of beer taps in bars and restaurants. While a significant amount of code has been written, I need help getting the project to market faster than I'm able to do on my own.

I currently sit with a valid product, in a prototype form and a valid market to sell to. I have spoken with multiple bars and have testers lined up.

I'm looking for developers that can dedicate time to a project, work well in a team setting, and have a proven track record with development and managing themselves. The current code is Python, MySQL, and Jquery, however if you'd like to use other technologies for the unwritten services, you're welcome to do so. Since we're not yet funded you'd need to be OK with working for equity until we are generating revenue or are externally funded.

If you love craft beer and enjoy development, this might just be your way into a dream career.