Andrew Scotson

Provo, Utah, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Andrew

Greetings! I am the sole owner of a politically-oriented web startup looking for a technical partner with programming skills and experience in web and mobile application development to complete our founding team prior to soliciting seed funds. The page designs for the web app are completed and the project ready to begin programming and development (front end framework, architecture, CMS, etc). The company was formed in 2011 and the business concept is established.

In addition to technical skills I am looking for a partner who is troubled by the current state of politics in the US and has a strong passion for improving it, like I do. You will be a good fit if you have a libertarian streak in you but the service itself is unbiased toward any particular political viewpoint. The essential nature of the service we are creating is to empower everyday people to have greater influence over the political decisions affecting their lives. If this sounds like you then i think you are going to be very excited when you see what we have created so far and the direction we are going in.

We have a limited time window to launch the service in time for the 2014 US elections therefore the ideal partner will have strong skills, knowledge, and experience in the following areas: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, AJAX, PHP, SQL, database architecture design and management, front-end frameworks such as backbone.js, ember.js, or angular.js, responsive design/media queries, LESS/SASS, third party API's, and source control systems (i.e. SVN and GIT).

Although you will do the bulk of the programming initially, I am looking for someone who can quickly evolve into a CTO role as we hire additional programmers, developers, and system admins.

As for me personally, I am an entrepreneur and have always loved building things since pre-school. I also own a non-tech related company that produces a 5-figure annual income, graduated from BYU, am 35yo, and married with children. My work style is collaborative where the best ideas (not always my own) move forward. The company is set up as a distributed model of organization where employees are accountable for results and meeting deadlines rather than clocking in and out of work. This allows us to hire the best talent from around the world. Our head designer is based in London.

To date i have personally invested $40,000 into the company and will likely invest more to launch the completed product. I have also invested countless hours of my personal time (sweat equity) over the past five years because of my passion for what were trying to do, and am looking for someone who will also share the same level of passion for the 'cause' as I do.

If this sounds like you and the prospect appeals to you lets schedule a face to face meeting where I can share more details with you and see if we're a good fit.