Andrew Smith

Los Angeles, California, US

Founder & Creative Producer at A+SMITH Creations / Cofounder & Product Lead at The Lyt Compamy
Andrew's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Andrew

Event producer, creative ideas guy, brand manager and all around fan of immersive environments, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life traveling the world experiencing and working for some of the most creative live events ever imagined. My passion for color, technology, stories and architecture has always drawn me to the “spectacle.”

In my professional life, I’ve developed effective strategies to establish European event brands in North America through creative brand adaptation and community engagement programs. Riding on this success, I’ve led teams to produce multiple large music events throughout the United States and Canada.

My experience also extends to concept development and creative direction. Having directed, edited, and produced trailers, digital marketing material, live show moments and even stage designs, I am driven by the process of telling stories that create unforgettable memories. There is something to love, and something very rewarding, about building a moment that someone just cannot wait to share with others.

More recently I have been learning the ins and outs of bringing a tech devices to market. From design, all the way through to the final supply chain.