Andrew Snell

Canberra, Australia

Andrew's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Andrew

I love creating and making things happen. My experience is broad - I've worked on, in and for many different markets and industries, as founder, partner, client and consultant.

I'm an experienced communication and marketing strategist - I've worked on national and international government and not for profit campaigns, e-commerce platforms, digital and physical activations, new brands, rebrands and engagement campaigns.

I'm also a product designer, taking ideas and using market and social influences to guide design and development. Every great product or business needs to be solving something for the customer - aligning that early in the process saves time and money.

I also have over 12 years experience in the live entertainment industry, as a production manager, lighting and production designer. I've worked on on high profile events, broadcast and touring productions. In addition to continually developing creatively, I have the focus and ability to ensure projects are delivered on time, and changes and opportunities along the way are met and capitalised on - there is no "just do it tomorrow" in live events!

Through all my roles I have developed a broad experience in technology - from design to implementation. I understand lead times, prototyping and supply chain and logistics. More than that though, I love working on new ways of solving problems, and bringing people and technology together.

I want to work with founders and founding who are pushing the boundaries and need help to bring projects together. I work best under pressure, and there is always a better way. I'm a big believer in innovative tech and trying new things, but I don't like re-inventing the wheel - finding a balance between building from the ground up and great partnerships is a big part of what I do.

I'm interested in short term and long term roles. I'm always open to options and negotiating. If i can compliment a team and bring benefit to a project, I'm always keen to talk.