Andrew Thompson

Freehold, New Jersey, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Andrew

I believe that people are amazing creatures. The things we are able to accomplish when we set our minds to something are immeasurable. When we're motivated, passionate, and focused we can do amazing things.

I'm not trying to build another cookie cutter startup. I'm on a mission to build a brand. A brand centered around passion, inspiration, and an unrelenting purpose to empower others to be great. To start on this mission we need a team of like minded individuals with diverse skill sets. The product will require electrical/mechanical engineering, as well as application development (IOS). Currently, I've worked with a mechanical engineering to design an initial concept of the product design. I've also completed the first iteration of the UI/UX for the app. These materials have been neatly compiled into a powerpoint that serves as my current pitch deck.

As for myself, I am by profession, a marketer. I've been a marketing professional for little over 3 years to date. I've worked for 2 years at a software service startup and currently work for a second software company. My skill set covers digital marketing, social media, inbound marketing, content marketing, and what I like to call "passion marketing".

I am looking for a technical minded Co-Founder to join me in my mission. If you're such a individual, and you're looking t build a company from the heart and with a purpose, then let's get in touch.

I recently started a blog. Feel free to check it out


Andrews University

Bachelor of Business Administration

2011 - 2011