Andrew Wallace

River Edge, New Jersey, US

I find a problem, I think of a solution. No problem? Good. Now let's make it better.
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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

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About Andrew

I've always been inspired at how technology can not only advance humanitarianism, but change it as well. For the past twelve years I've been a lone horseman passionately following social impact trends in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. After a lot of research and development the MVP is completed and live that represents not merely an idea, but an ideology.


I really need to add a quote? How does this truly reflect who I am? - Andrew Wallace

Work Experience

Knowledge Expert

Micro Center

July 2016 - Today

My day job, It not only keeps the lights on (AWS, SSL certificates, domain hosting and registration bills paid) during our launch phase for user acquisition, it also let's me work with people face-to-face and help them solve their technology problems.

Multimedia Specialist

Pearson Education

May 2007 - June 2013

As a multimedia specialist, I became the jack of trades and even a master in many areas. With a focus on pre-production and post-production, I dealt with casting, location scouting, videography, editing, effects, set building, photography, graphic design, audio editing, voice-over recording.


Rutgers University

American Studies

2007 - 2007


General Assembly - Full-Stack Web Development