Andrew Ward

Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, US

Andrew's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Andrew

I have developed a new class of loyalty marketing for full service restaurants franchises. Our platform rewards customers for both their purchase behavior and their social influence. Our metrics for measuring social influence are customers acquired, CLV and actual purchase dollars influenced, not likes and followers.

We incentivize customers to share their experience on their personal Facebook timelines. This creates a constant stream of positive and natural peer-to-peer conversations that “include” the brand. When friends download the digital incentive and make purchases, the referrer earns loyalty points for each new customer and all subsequent purchases. Very engaging particularly with millennials!

Our value proposition resonates well with the entire C-Suite because we can show an ROI.

EVERY company that has seen the prototype wants to buy it. I’m currently commercializing the platform.

Our Unique Capabilities:
1) We can link social content to actual sales.
2) We foster peer-to-peer conversations between friends that include the Brand.
3) Clients can align reward values to user’s social influence.
4) Builds an emotional connection with the brand.
5) Segment customers based on CLV.
6) Improve in store experience.


Rutgers University

BS Business Administration

1982 - 1982