Andris Bērziņš

Riga, Latvia

Andris's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Andris

I think that my background makes me to be a suitable candidate, because I am very diverse, creative and active student. I gladly participate in different events, activities and contests and activities outside the school. In order to improve my English, I spent 3 weeks last summer in England where I lived in English family to be ready for university and studies in English.
During my primary school I sang in school choir, organized different events and participated in school Parliament as Sports and Finance minister, but during secondary school I had no time for that, because I was playing professional basketball in Ridzene Sports school and Tennis where I had many achievements by playing in Latvian national Tennis team , where I was very successful until the moment I got serious injury and could not play tennis actively. Then I started to work as a couch in tennis sports school to have some extra money, which I could use for starting my own business. I do not have much experience in business, but everything I do is for the aim to become good banker, financier or have my own business. I am also engaged in stock market since I was 14 years old and I am buying local and international stocks in order to make some extra money and have new experience and knowledge. My dream and aim is my own business, that’s why I am trying to do as much as possible just to obtain more and more skills and knowledge. As a proof of that, I can mention my activities in two student firms, career days and many other events and contests organized by Jal Latvia and other universities and Young Entrepreneurs of school completion. Moreover, I am really hard working and I am really convinced that hard work always pays off.