Andy German

Marketing, Business Development

Berlin, Germany


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Andy

I've been involved with online marketing and e-commerce off and on for about the last 15 yrs. The past 2-3 I have been concentrating on building niche content and long tail keyword sites as well as running my own CPA campaigns. But I have many other larger projects I would love to get off the ground, but I need to partner up with someone (or more than one person) because the technical part is over my head. Basically I need a CTO.

I have a strong tech aptitude, and am proficient in basic web design/technologies, but I would need a true developer/engineer to join me for my projects.

My strengths lie in idea generation, business model design, online marketing, and business development. I have ideas, just need someone who wants to execute them with me.

I also have a pretty good amount of contacts and resources for investors, incubators, etc.

Would love to discuss some ideas (yours, mine, or both) with some motivated people to try and find a good fit.

I am also open to relocation.




MBA - Entrepreneurship

2012 - 2012


Bachelor of Science

2002 - 2002