Andy Huang

San Francisco, California, US

Andy's Skills
Product Management

About Andy

I run my own development company and I want to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their great ideas into working prototypes that can be used to attract potential investors, paying clients, and future employees.

I have over 5 years of experience producing software products for well-funded startups both in Silicone Valley and New York City. I will personally guide you through each stage of the prototyping process. I will help you through idea extraction, diagramming, interaction design, wire-framing, generating software specs, architecture, graphics design, and actually building the prototype.

You can choose to be as involved in the creation process as you wish. You can review every single line of code as they are pushed, or you can simply review the daily progress report in your inbox.

If you are interested in bringing your ideas to life, please contact me for a conversation.


Williams College

B.S. Biology

2004 - 2004