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Greensboro, North Carolina, US

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I'm inheriting businesses from relatives, but have ideas of my own. Through business i am connected with helpful people and i have access to lawyers, critical advice from business mentors, a marketing team, and capital which involves a private bank that wants me as a client. I deal well with ego's from the technical side as long as the skills match.

I do not burn out as i don't like to fail and i love honesty about strengths and weaknesses so that we may grow as people individually and a team as our product comes to life. I treat my team like a family, and that means we won't always agree or like each other but we get things done.

As someone non-tech, i follow a specific strategy for all ventures. I believe in giving more control to my head of tech and meeting often to keep me beyond informed on the basics of how my "Idea" comes to life. CTO will receive an extra percentage stake from other co-founders for advisory services, as i expect vast communication instead of barking orders.

As stated above, i do not burn out, and i plan to put at least 50 hours a week into the venture as i have proxies for the other businesses i happen to be involved in.

If you are meek and like to do your work behind the scenes and out of sight, i respect that and would love to have you on board. If you are a happy medium and humble, i welcome you with all arms. If you are cocky, i tend to appreciate the honesty and love the confidence in skills you've dedicated yourself to crafting for this very venture. And my personal favorite; If you are adamant about not working with "Idea Guy's" and non-techs, i ask you this question...If Steve Jobs(An "Idea Guy") came up to you to found Apple in 1975 would you scoff and walk away, and how would you feel in the present knowing that a lack of an open mind is what kept you from being the driving force to something great?

My phone number at 336-458-7097 is open to all serious that want a direct way to reach me.



Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people. - Steve Jobs

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SSC Services

October 2015 - Today

Came into the company when it was in turmoil. Took control of the rampant turnover ratio of employees and raised profit margins without even bringing in a new contract. Heading towards being the largest employers of our fine Veterans.