Aneri Pradhan

San Francisco, California, US

Founder, Social Entrepreneur, and Innovator with deep experience in emerging markets
Aneri's Skills
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Aneri

I'm a serial social entrepreneur with prior experience living in 6 different countries. My expertise is on market-led development and innovation for sustainable technologies, and marketing the same technologies for rural offline communities. The technologies I have worked on include off-grid renewable energy, improved cookstoves, fuel briquettes, water filtration, WiFi deployments, wearables, and low-bandwidth mobile applications in over 15 countries in Africa and Asia. Other areas of expertise include:

- Technology adoption in emerging markets - if we build it, will they come?
- Business and Skills Training for low-income populations
- Last Mile Sales and Business Development

Formerly worked at Facebook, MIT Media Lab, and United Nations Foundation.

I'm seeking a technical cofounder for a MVP that will allow informal merchants and micro-entrepreneurs to track their sales and orders. Think Square meets Quickbooks, but for low-income offline users. 8% of the US population are micro-entrepreneurs and 40-80% of the South American, Asian, and African market are micro-entrepreneurs. Let's build a technology company together that will bring financial literacy to millions of people through better management of their business!