Angel Lacret

Miami, Florida, US

Chief of Product Development, Technical Product Manager
Angel's Skills
Software Products
Software Product Management
Technical Product Development
Software Architecture
Software + Services
Business Strategy
User Experience
Product Management

About Angel

I am a specialist in Software Product Development working with non-technical entrepreneurs and industry experts to transform ideas into Web and Mobile Applications.

Since 2012 I've been focusing on developing and combining agile techniques, tools, and technologies to increase the speed of development to deliver faster results on the process of creating and delivering new software products to the market. Currently using React, React Native, Firebase, 8base, AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Github and Buddy Works.

Computer Engineer since 2007, doing Web an Mobile Software Development for more than 15 years.

I'm a Scrum advocate, and for over 7 years now I've been driving teams to success using agile techniques and methods to maximize productivity.

I have great skills and experience in Software Architecture, designing and developing scalable REST and GRAPHQL Apis under monolithic or microservices approaches under AWS, Heroku, and Digital Ocean infrastructures.

Co-Founder of Cobuild Lab, a Software Development Company focusing on working with non-technical entrepreneurs to create and deliver new products to the market.

Co-founder and CTO of Weedmatch the first cannabis social network of Latin America, and Organizer of Miami Software Developers meetup a Software Development Community focused on increasing and improving the skills of novice developers in Miami.

Codewars, Topcoder and Hacker Rank participant and Mentor.

Actively mentor of 4Geeks Academy in Miami in the areas of Scrum, Django Python and Javascript with ReactJS.