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Anh Nguyen

San Francisco, United States
Startup stage
Product Management, Management, Marketing, Technical
I am passionate about bring free education to the world. As a trilingual speaker, I understand just how life-changing it is to be able to speak a foreign language. That's why I set out to create Helium (, a personal learning assistant that combines machine learning with a simple and elegant experience that will help intermediate learners become fluent. It is estimated that only 7-15% out of more than a billion language learners in the world consider themselves fluent in that language. I believe this is a game-changer as most edtech apps are only focused on beginner learners. The product is an adaptive and personalized learning platform that select real-world content that matches the learner's current ability. It removes the hassle of searching for level-appropriate content, looking things up in a dictionary, creating flashcards, etc. It solves two main problems 1) time: most learners simply do not have enough to wade through all of these daily 2) motivation: by maximizing learning efficiency, we keep the learners engaged and motivate them to practice daily. What I have done so far is a landing page with the value proposition ( Everything you see there, I did (coding, design, etc.) The landing page has received great feedback from potential customers. But instead of telling, let me show you a cold email I got from a user who signed up: "My name is James and I'm more interested in Helium than the average person. I've been learning Chinese for years, and this is something I've always thought needed to be made. But on top of that, I'm a developer as well, and really appreciate the work you must be putting into this app. I've been living in China for the past 8 months and been putting free time into learning Swift and trying to think of an idea for an app that China could really use. So far nothing has come to mind.... Too bad I didn't have your idea! Hahaha." The landing page gathered 500 signups in 5 days with just words of mouth and no paid marketing. Prior to committing to this full-time, I was a product manager with 2 intra-startup launches for the biggest Japanese tech company. I graduated from Princeton where I studied Politics and Computer Science. I, however, I have not coded professionally. I also have an education adviser, a graduate student in bilingual education at Stanford. In addition, I am working on bringing onboard an expert in natural language processing from Google. I am looking for a technical co-founder who can come in and help me launch the product. This requires strong technical ability empathy of foreign language learners' pain points, understanding of requirements, solution-crafting and hiring. Most of all, you must be excited and passionate with education technology and the chance to make a difference. Make no mistake: I want to commit all I have to this, and so should you. Let's make it happen.

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