Anil Vasudeva

San Jose, California, US

Anil's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Anil

Anil Vasudeva is President of IMEX Research a technology company in Big Data & Cloud Computing with top-50 IT companies and start-up as its clients. Experienced as a 25 year seasoned Executive in management and operations. Education: MSEE, 3 year Ph.D. Studies and an MBA

Launching a start-up in real-time big data analytics that addresses a TAM of $8.5 billion IT market in technology research, consulting and investments used by vendors, end-user companies and wall street investments through leveraging the integration of databases, business logic software and visualization modules.
Looking for Software wizard at CTO/Senior or Intermediate level as cofounder, passionate about changing the status quo of the way vendors, end-user companies and wall street relies on static information to make key decisions. Software has tremendous potential to create a paradigm shift in use of big data/search analytics not only in IT but other industries as well such as health, wall street financials. etc.