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I am Anirudh Singh. I am engineer by qualification (but at heart I am a sportsman). I played sports till national level.These days I run Half Marathons.
I have around 9 years of experience in Software Testing. Besides this I have tried my hands in various other things. I started my career as a 3D graphic designer (that is why i have an eye for good design). Then I started my own restaurant. However, I have to close it down in 2 years (making good food is easy but making good money out of it is very difficult). Then I got refuge in IT where till I stayed till 2012. My last job was with Barclays Technology Centre, Pune. Then I joined my father in his resort business (to help him out).
Now, I want to go back to my first love i.e. sports. I always wanted to do something in the field of sports. So, I thought of starting an online sports portal which can help people engaged in sports activities in one way or the other. Sports portal is just a starting point. I would like to create a system which can not only help sports at the very grass-root level but also in creating top class sportsman for the country.
Right now I am looking for somebody who is excellent in technology (who turn the idea into a working product) and have deep passion for sports. Somebody who epitomizes philosophy of my company ('Sports in our Blood")