Anja Krammer

Los Altos, California, US

Co-Founder @BioPharmx @Violetdaily @Calibrus and Exec Mgmt F500 co

Startup Experience Founded 2+ startups

Age Group 36-55

Anja is looking for a CoFounder who

Relevant industries Healthcare B2B Services Consulting Hardware Consumer Products Health, Fitness and Wellness Technology Real Estate Biotechnology

Has these skills

Global Business Development
Global Brand Development
Global Alliance Management
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Sales & Distribution
Start-up Business Consulting
Start Up's
Brand Strategy
Business Strategy Formulation
Strategy to Execution
Strategy Building
Business Growth Strategies
Channel Growth
Growth Acceleration
Management of Change
Management Of Direct Reports
Working with Investors
Investor Relations
Marketing Consulting
Marketing Communications
Business Intelligence
Business Strategy