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About me: My background includes stints at large money managers in London, UK. My role was to market our product to large institutions. I'm numerate and have survived and thrived in a faced-paced, results driven environment. I have a lot of creative business ideas and would like to start a co. fairly quickly (ei. get it off the ground quickly).

The idea: We live in exciting times with the power of the internet and mobile devices/apps constantly pushing the frontier of what's possible. I'd like to use my vision of the future to close the gap between the real world (brick+mortar stores) to the digital world (mobile apps, etc), where I believe there's huge potential. It's a niche that seems to have been neglected by both sides (tech + non-tech retailers). I've run my idea by a seasoned & successful tech entrepreneur who sees value in the proposed product.

A bit about my work style: I prepare thoroughly for meetings I don't like being blindsided by lack of knowledge. Similarly, before launching a business I want to make sure I have the facts straight and have a realistic probability of success with a solid revenue generating business model. I like to surround myself with smart people who complement my skills/personality.

I'm probably not your average "Wired" reader but have a life long interest in business, whatever shape it may take. I'm open to relocating to be a in place where my business will thrive. Cross border founders welcome! If you have a passion for technology and experience in the area, I'd love to hear from you.


John Molson School of Business


2003 - 2003


CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst