Ankit Chandra

San Mateo, California, US

Ankit's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ankit

At the heart of it, I am innovative ideas guy that hasn't had a chance to really play. I also happen to have an innate talent for understanding product concepts and innovating them into a disruptive presence. Part marketing, part evangelism, part sales, and pure enthusiasm- I have never been able to fit my self into a traditional box. I've held positions in sales, marketing, business development, and currently in delivery. I have the ability to integrate business roles to create powerful visions and roadmaps.

I both love and hate the sound of my own voice ;-). I like painting pictures of what could be and seeing those visions come to fruition. While far uglier than Mena Suvari- I do think there's nothing worse than being ordinary. Except maybe forgotten.