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Ankit Khanna

Founder & CEO @EnrouteCo, Looking fro CTO

London, United Kingdom
Startup stage
Sales, User Experience, Strategy, Business Development, Product Management, Growth, Marketing
I have worked in technology for a long time. My areas of strengths are product management, sales, marketing, and business development with expertise in e-commerce, airlines, aviation, etc. I started and ran a non-technical company a few years ago, so I have that experience. However, development/coding is not my forte. I am looking for a technical co-founder with full stack development experience. If the person has good UX/UI experience as well, that would be a massive bonus. Of course, help in other activities like sales, marketing, content creation, etc will also be great but not mandatory. We have recently launched our MVP and want to iterate further on the app. We are getting downloads and are stepping up marketing efforts in the coming week.s The app is a single page HTML5 app built using Phonegap. Please message me if you are interested.

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