Ankit Khare

San Francisco, California, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ankit

Looking for Entrepreneurs/Business Partners/Co-founders for an extraordinary Tech startup

We are the Human Connection Project, a very powerful multifaceted platform which is formed by a network of 5 different websites put together, to develop an eco-system which will bring humanity together as a unified community. We believe that this is the next BIG thing and has the potential to change the world. The project has been thought out in extraordinary depths and the Blueprint/Architecture of the whole eco-system is ready.

One of the tangents of this vision is already in the very early stages of BETA testing which you can check out at, and we are currently in the stage of creating a team of co-founders, business planning, outlining the vision and reaching out to investors/ VC's to create a startup and organization.

We are looking for 2 to 3 Business/entrepreneurship savvy individuals, who can join the team and take the helm of this vision into their own hands and drive it forward.

Must haves:
- Passion for entrepreneurship, business and networking
- Belief in the Vision of the project
- Self driven, accountable, responsible and motivated
- Theoretical and working knowledge on building organizations from ground up and reaching out to investors/VCs
- Devote as much time as possible for the next few weeks/months. You don’t have to be working on this full time (part timers welcome!) but consistent and dedicated hours are a must. Hours can be flexible
- A joyful, purposeful and inspired manner
- Openness to try new things and think outside the box
- Willing to do what it takes to create success for yourself and the project.

Would be nice to have:
- An MBA/Bachelors degree in business/entrepreneurship
- SF Bay area preferred or willing to travel to San Francisco.
- Experience in fundraising / reaching out to investors.
- Excellent at business planning.

- You will be a co-partner in this project so when funding comes in, we will all agree on the numbers. As of now there are 1-2 people on the project. You will have to prove your worth over time
- Your initiatives will be greatly rewarded in opportunities, compensations and additional bonuses

Next steps:

Check out and see if you understand what we are standing for - Remember this is just an early prototype, there is so much more to it. Reply to this posting or email to contact @ with your resume/portfolio/work and briefly mention why you would be a good fit. Also mention your general availability.

Good Luck !