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Our company, yukando, is looking for a new technical co-founder. At yukando, we connect people who have a skill to people wanting to teach one. We are passionate about creating a marketplace for skills where professionals and amateurs can offer classes and workshops teaching a skill, instantly bookable through their profiles. The business model is commission-based.
In the past months, our team of 3 have won the first round of the London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, built a database of quality teachers, and our original technical co-founder built ~50% of our MVP marketplace site (details see below). He had to leave us very suddenly due to personal problems, and we need a dedicated person to join us and take over the front- and backend development of the site. If you are interested, here is what you should be comfortable with to take over the CTO role:

- Essential: JavaScript (backend / frontend)
- AngularJS
- Github/Git
- PayPal
- Parse
- Heroku

We have had great response both from initial teachers, customers and investors – but we are stuck without a new CTO.
We, the two other co-founders, are scientists, and for the moment, we are working unpaid and part-time (however, on a reliable schedule). Therefore, this role would appeal to you if you are searching for a fun challenge on a similar basis.
If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch and chat to us!