Anna-Marie Swan

Reading, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur in the making, plant-based grub and yoga addict, and fascinated by excellence.
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Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
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About Anna-Marie

At the start of this year I completed a 63 day Master Fast, where I consumed no food or water. It was another part of an amazing and challenging 20-year journey into finding balance for body, mind, and heart in which I have explored different yoga practices, shamanic practices, meditation, and tantra, and dietry practices, swinging from a deeply committed vegan warrior in my early twenties, to chilled out vegetarian in my late twenties, to high fat high protein with eggs, fish, and venison in my thirties, and landing fully in plant-based deliciousness.

And it is this journey into food and its connection with health and well being that has led me to the idea I have and am actively seeking mentoring in - a plant-based restaurant that I believe has the potential to become a high-street chain, similar to the success of (and in many ways in a similar vein to) Pret a Manger and Itsu.

Work Experience

Business Administrator

Reading Borough Council

November 2016 - Today

HR admin: authorising timesheets, tracking lieu and sickness, liaising with payroll PA to unit management team: taking minutes, typing, everyday problem solving, document and flowchart creation Financial: creating and processing POs, invoices, and requisition orders; processing petty cash Information maintenance: updating and distributing client information, updating staff HR and personal information Taking ownership of unit’s complex training needs in line with Ofsted requirements (involved re-designing all folder layouts and large training database, and being in constant communication with RBC’s training manager) Induction of new staff: part of re-designing new staff induction needs and processes, training new staff Working proactively: created an in-depth guide to my day-to-day roles and responsibilities for my successor; collated all updated HR, Payroll, Recruitment, and Induction information and created a pack with source references, links, templates, and blank forms; and created a training guide for managers/my successor.


Presence Through Pleasure

September 2014 - May 2016

Created a successful business as a massage therapist. I created my own WordPress site, teaching myself about hosting, and then creating websites firstly with Wix and then Divi builder. I managed my clients, focusing always on a VIP experience, promoted myself through online marketing, and brought in around four hundred pounds a week.

Organiser/Business Partner

Juicy Dating

December 2013 - May 2014

Started ‘Juicy Dating’ (alternative dating events) with a business partner. I scouted venues, organised social and print marketing, and was the main contact for participants.


University of Sussex

International Relations and Development Studies

2009 - 2013


Completion of Dale Carnegie Course

Dale Carnegie Course

Professional Proof-reader Diploma