Anna Wilkens

San Francisco, California, US

Anna 's Skills
Product Management

About Anna

A perfect co-founder match:
- Excited & passionate about healthy food, and building a business that makes it easy for families to eat healthy great food.
- Business-oriented, great at sales and marketing,
- Digital marketing, CPC, CPA, Display, Adwords, Facebook, various models to drive sign-ups of paying customers.
- Energetic, driven by taking an exciting
- Strategic, but glad to get hands dirty to make things happen
- Well-connected, insights in the food market and the Bay area (we are starting right here)
- Great at writing, can contribute to marketing newsletters, the blog etc.
- Preferably a parent, with first-hand experience on the family dinner/eating experience.

About Dinnerbundle
Dinnerbundle is a meal kit subscription service focused on families with an interest in eating sound, healthy and balanced dinners. Our mission is to make healthy home cooking fun and easy, by providing an alternative for busy parents that makes everyday life and healthy eating so much easier. The company is founded and established in the heart of Silicon Valley. There are a competitors with similar offerings on the US market, to mention a couple: Blue Apron and Plated.

Dinnerbundle Today
Dinnerbundle, has a small number of paying customers on the San Francisco Peninsula, and is now working on how to scale the company. That includes scaling logistics, procurement and also expanding the product offering to include more control of preferences and options for the customers.