Annie, Yee Leng Tan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Annie, Yee Leng's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Annie, Yee Leng

When I was younger, everyone said that I like to do too many things and never knew what I want to be focusing on. So over the years I'd tried to do what others told, to find a speciality and stick to it, but it never felt right. The more I am good in a field, the more things I think I could do. After years of being trapped in a loop that I do not belong, I have decided to embrace my qualities and differences and build a product out of the talents that I have.

I believe that if there's no place in this world that I belong to, it is because I have not built that world myself. I love to meet people who shares my ideology of being able to change the world with our own hands, as long as we stay true to our hearts and follow our passions.

However leaving the working life with a stable income can be frightening and competitions are intimidating, especially when I am a solopreneur who was raised in a household that believes in the working world the whole life, so support is indeed limited. Plus my experience in business is near to zero even when I already have some paying customers. There are still many lessons for me to learn to make this work and I would love to meet a mentor who can give me some good advise once in awhile, so that I can turn up the gears and accelerate towards perfecting my business.