Anshuo Liu

Los Angeles, California, US

Anshuo's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Anshuo

I'm looking for a technically savvy co-founder to build a company around UAV technologies. UAVs (or Drones) will bring about the next wave of disruptive changes to our economy. By providing eyes where physical presence was required, UAVs can bring about a revolution in many service industries. Despite FAA's conservative and flatfooted reaction to civil UAV aviation, UAV use will surely takeoff in the near future. Today, there’s already a large population of amateur drone pilots around the world. If we can help them tap into new uses for what used to be just a toy, we can unlock a substantial market and build a scalable business around that. Therefore, I'm looking for a co-founder who's strongly interested in venturing into this market. Let’s make a splash!
I am an aerospace engineer with BS and MS from Georgia Institute of Technology. I have 5 years of industry experience. I’m embarking on the entrepreneurship journey because I believe my energy and skills will make a greater impact spent working on new technology such as UAVs. Currently, I’m working a full time job while building a demonstrator based on an entry level drone. Progress has been slow, thus I hope the cofounder can work with me to develop the demonstrator and explore possible business models.