Anthony Blake

Seattle, Washington, US

Anthony's Skills
Product Management

About Anthony

Anthony Blake, here. I'm launching a company called LegUP that makes in-game documentation and analysis apps for coaches. LegUP helps coaches make better decisions by capturing and presenting the information surrounding each game situation, decision, action and result. I built the basic version of this product to help my football team this past fall. Now, after rounds of feedback and validation on both the product and the business model, I'm ready to take LegUP to the market and win.

I'm the right person to lead this company because of my understanding of the needs, pressures and goals of football coaches at multiple levels and because of my business acumen and leadership capabilities. Prior to LegUP, I worked as a product manager for Microsoft - where I played a role in the SharePoint 2010 launch activities - and a startup, Max451, where I was led the strategy and marketing components of the agile methodology. I've also led a cross-functional team of 4 (HR, IT, finance & admin) as the Director of Operations at the Interfaith Youth Core - a Chicago-based non-profit.

I'm looking for a rock star software development co-founder that is interested in sports, wicked smart and has the tenacity, drive & creativity to build a great company. Right now, we need someone that can be that 'full-stack developer' while we design, architect, develop and iterate on the product. Also, this person needs to maintain a healthy dose of customer-centricity while creating pleasing, creative solutions. Last, the dev lead needs to appreciate and share in the sense of urgency with which we are operating. As for the particulars, we are building tablet-based apps with platform and server-side connectivity, initially for the iPad. Knowledge of these sorts of implementations and previous startup experience are both great assets.

You’ve learned about me, my company and what I'm looking for. Interested in talking more? If so, let me know. Either way, thank you.