Anthony Giambra

San Francisco, California, US

Anthony's Skills
Business Development

About Anthony

Hi! My name is Anthony. I am a passionate, dedicated mover-shaker who moved to San Francisco Bay Area from New York last July. I currently work in Business Development, heading the Strategic Operations to a start-up in downtown SF that works within the fashion and real estate industries.

I am a great public speaker, and have shown strengths in pricing, sales, and critical thinking (stressing on "critical"). I am a clear communicator, and believe that lack of clear communication is a root cause to an early company's demise.

I am looking for a technical co-founder for a company idea that I had. I feel silly talking about the idea over the Internet, but the premise basically solves the question: "How can we pay less for the nice things that we want?" I would love to talk about it more. If you're someone who loves high-quality things, but always finds that cost intrudes on your overall quality of living, than I think you and I will see eye-to-eye. Ultimately, we would be leveraging the wholesale industry, but with a twist.

A little about me - I graduated school last May. Many of my jobs and internships were in the fashion and film/television realm. I have developed great connections from friends, colleagues, and clients. I am smart, direct, but also goofy, and believe in work hard/play hard. A healthy culture, a healthy company.

Ideally, you're a young go-getter who wants the piece of the start-up pie. In-the moment-passion is key, as is dependability and accountability. Those are the three start-up virtues in my mind. Lastly, as I feel like I've made it my clear MO, I need a clear thinker who makes arguments from the head rather than the heart. I will admit when I am wrong (I do it often), and I hope you do too. I will also assert when I am right ;)

In short, I am looking for a cool teammate who wants to pwn life professionally and personally.