Anthony LaPolla

Woodstown, New Jersey, US

Anthony's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Anthony

I have a unique idea that marries a consumer internet service with social media. A website and a mobile app will need to be developed that interact with each other directly and/or via other social media apps. I have many ideas that will make this venture unique and attractive to the public, and I have just enough technical background to envision how they would basically work, but I need strong technical help to make them a reality. I envision finding a co-founder that I would partner with 50-50, developing the concept together, creating a basic solution that can be demonstrated, and building from there. I believe this concept could become a huge success with the right talent involved and would attract investment when presented properly.
I am currently a Project Manager for a large corporation where I manage projects from 2 to 50 million dollars. I develop the budgets for these projects and monitor progress using earned value tools which help me understand if we are on budget and on schedule. These tools, when used properly, will pinpoint where problems are starting and allow for corrective actions to be taken before it is too late. My background is in Test Engineering where I have experience in developing hardware and software to support testing electronic assemblies/systems.
I am a dedicated worker that can solve problems and get the job done, and I won't hesitate to ask for help when I can't do it myself. I am looking for a partner with the same dedication and vision to succeed.